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As we are based relatively close to Ormskirk, we have worked closely with a number of clients in the area and are extremely proud of the fantastic reputation we have built. This reputation has been gradually built up by the fantastic services we provide for each and every one of the customers we visit. After all, we consider looking after the needs of our customers a very high priority. And it shows too. On word-of-mouth and repeat business alone, we have become one of the most well-respected oven cleaning businesses for the North West. We are so reliable and trustworthy that we work alongside three large private schools in the area, where appliances need cleaning after serving over 2000 students during term time.

Why get your oven cleaned by a professional?

You might think that your oven is beyond cleaning. However, we have a proven track record in delivering ‘sparkling’ results to appliances that others would believe are beyond refurbishment. Premier Ovenclean has encountered all kinds of domestic and commercial ovens since we began providing our services in 2003. We have tackled all forms of dirt, grime, fat or burnt deposits to make ovens look as clean as the day they were purchased. We use cutting-edge cleaning technology and bespoke, fume-free chemical treatments so that you are getting a top quality service that is literally one of a kind. Below is a list of reasons to come to us for oven cleaning:

  • Great reputation
  • Fast service
  • Hi-tech equipment
  • Tried and tested methods
  • Can save you hundreds of pounds in cleaning products
  • Saves your time

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What are the benefits of professional oven cleaners?

If your oven is covered in dirt and grime, it may need a bit more than just a little squirt from an over-the-counter product. Sometimes, a deep clean is what is required to remove grime that has left a permanent stain on your appliance. It will not only help your oven look brand new again; it will also ensure that you are cooking as safely as possible. If you have oil, food and dirt particles in your oven, there is a chance that it could cause a fire. This is a major concern for many UK fire officers. Another potentially hazardous element from leaving an oven dirty is just basic food hygiene. Would you use a pot or pan that had leftover food on it for months and months? It is the same as cooking in a dirty oven. Therefore. you can prevent any food-related illnesses by having your oven cleaned by a professional.

Andy & Geoff the Oven Cleaners

Safe cleaning services

People will often overuse oven cleaning products that are often filled with heavy chemicals. This can leave your oven useless in the long-term and can be very harmful to you and your appliance. Here at Premier Ovenclean, we use 100%, not toxic oven cleaning equipment and methods. This means you can have your oven up and running in no time all, and without fear of hazardous chemicals.

What kind of ovens can you clean?

If you are unsure as to whether we can work specifically with your oven, fear not! We can work on all models, shapes and sizes including the following:

  • Small Household Ovens
  • Large Commercial Ovens
  • Gas, Ceramic and Electric Hobs
  • Commercial and Domestic Microwaves
  • BBQ Extractors

Premier Overclean in Ormskirk

We cover a large chunk of the North West, including all of Ormskirk from Town Green to the universities. We understand that a lot of our clients from Ormskirk are students who need a bit of help cleaning their oven as it is a hard enough skill to master as well as it taking up a lot of time it’s safer and more efficient to bring in our team to help and let you get on with your work. If you have any questions about oven cleaning Ormskirk, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can get us directly on 01695 247 754 or fill in the enquiry form!

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